i have seen many changes in photography and people over the years. one of the growing trends is the availability of affordable dslr’s, mirrorless systems and all-together cameras, phones and tablets too, that make taking photographs much easier along with software replacing the arcane mysteries of the traditional darkroom and with it people thinking that because they have access to all this amazing technology and gear, they can take great photographs ~ some of them can. but, as i have said elsewhere on this site, there is a great difference between taking a snap and creating an image ~ a photograph. most people don’t seem to get it ~ some do. it is to these people that i am reaching out to.

if you have a camera and would like to learn how to use it ~ and beyond that, learn about light and composition, how to use your imagination to see and create wonderful images ~ when you compose and press the shutter and also in post editing, which can transform an image ~ please feel free to contact me and let’s talk. i can accommodate your budget and schedule and help you in this learning experience. for me, i will never stop enjoying learning, after all that’s what’s life about.

i do not make any claims to being a great photographer, but i can probably help you and i would very much like to do so. you can contact me from the contact form on this website ~ i look forward to hearing from and helping you.