I have known Karl for many years both professionally and socially.  We have worked on many IT projects and have enjoyed a number of short photo expeditions. He has a remarkable natural talent for both photography and people of all ages and with his terrific dry sense of humour, there is never a dull moment!Travel and street photography are his passion. But, whether it is portraits or streetscapes, Karl has his own unique style.

Being familiar with his portfolio and the many the interesting stories Karl tells of his travels (people, places, music and food), I would love to accompany him on his next overseas adventure!!!

David Sloly


I have known Karl for many years, and in that time have known him to be a friendly and compassionate person. He has worked with students of all ages. The students are always excited to see him, and genuinely look forward to working with him. He has worked with students on both an individual basis and in larger groups. He has a great rapport with the students, treating them with care and kindness and has introduced them to new and interesting things. His imagination and creativity lead to his skill and expertise in photography. He has photographed many events that I have been a part of, and all of the results have been phenomenal! Karl is a great asset in any situation!

Anna Trojanowski


Karl has taught me the difference between a simple picture and a photograph…it’s like comparing the Mona Lisa with a child’s scribble. Karl cares about people and takes the time to understand who they are, so he can bring out their best qualities naturally. He has an artist’s eye for detail along with the unique ability to empathize with his audience to put them at ease.

He has brought me back to the days when a photograph was cherished and put away in a card board box in the closet - where memories never die and smiles live on forever.  He is my photographer for life.

Thanks Karl

Shelley Adams


Karl has an outstanding talent for photography.  He has an eye that sees not just what we see but how something can be captured in a still moment and made beautiful, intriguing and memorable. 

As a real estate representative with Re/Max, I can say it is invaluable to have professional photographs of my listings to attract potential buyers – and Karl Delivers! The quality and attention to detail Karl provides is second to none.  My Sellers rave at the professional grade, quality photographs Karl provides and I have heard buyers say “Wow, we saw the pictures of the house and had to come see it”.  He really loves what he does and this shows in his desire to ensure he perfects every photo.  I am impressed with Karl’s exceptional skill, knowledge, quality and attention to lighting and detail and highly recommend him for all your real estate photography.  He is brilliant!

Tamara Drozd

Re/Max Realty Specialists Inc., Brokerage


Karl and I have been friends for almost 30 years, when he lived and worked in London and we took several photographic courses. Karl has a talent for taking photographs that makes the viewer take notice. He has a good eye for capturing the moment and is equally adept at tastefully editing his work to ensure that he achieves the desired effect. From interiors to portraiture Karl combines his passion for photography with diligence and always produces an eye catching result.

Penelope Sinclair


I have known Karl since we first met at a photography evening class more than 25 years ago. If you have been looking at Karl's photographs on this website you will know already that he is a most exceptional photographer, but more than that he is also an exceptional person.

Anyone who hires Karl can be assured that along with creativity and technical know how they will also be getting integrity, reliability and commitment.

Steve Percival


I am so happy to have met Karl. He has dealt with my photography needs for my business website – and he meets my impossible deadlines! His wonderful photography tell stories - Karl sees deeper - the soul of the person or landscape. He is a natural people person, age does not matter and as a teacher, he can help old and young how to take a great photo and to appreciate photography as an art. He gets the job done and makes it fun!

Al Bow


I would recommend Karl to anyone looking for a talented and professional photographer! Karl’s amazing ability to capture the essence and the special moments of our family events is always done is such an enchanting way. We are always so happy with the results and the variety of beautifully shot photos.

Carolyn Flores